MONROE MUSTANG  |  Plain Sweeping Themes For The Unprepared




  1. Waking Up
  2. I Was Eighteen, It Was Hate
  3. Elephant Sound
  4. The Bees
  5. Candidate
  6. We Aren't The Stars
  7. Incredible Eagle
  8. Vinyl
  9. Veronica
  10. TN Spirit of the Wild
  11. Overplayed
  12. The Charges
  13. Wusses
  14. Opus 11:11
  15. Spy (Vinyl Version)
  16. Carcrash (Vinyl Version)

Somehow ahead of and behind the times all at once, Monroe Mustang's debut album "Plain Sweeping Themes For The Unprepared", has been reincarnated for the digital age by Jagjaguwar. One of the most underrated albums released by Austin's Trance Syndicate/Emperor Jones recording conglomerate, the original home of the Mustang's slo-fi sympathizers Bedhead and American Analog Set. Monroe Mustang uses home recordings to evoke a timeless brand of melodic songsmithery that's as easy to imbibe then as it is now. The band that time forgot: Brian Barry, Taylor Holland, Christopher Linnen, Michael Linnen, and Jason Stout, share singing and songwriting duties while rotating instruments – both onstage and in their backyard studio. This is headphone music for aficionados of adventurous, woozy, classic rock and the space where pop veers toward the strange. An excellent antidote for hurting heads. Best administered when somnambulant sounds are most desired.

(JAG141 released: 12/09/08)

The Motorway by The Besnard Lakes
Golden Lion by The Besnard Lakes
Boys Life by Small Black
No One Wants It To Happen To You by Small Black
Back At Belle's by Small Black
Words by Sharon Van Etten
Druganaut by Black Mountain
Black Mountain (Demo) by Black Mountain
Surrender by Briana Marela
I Don't Want to Let You Down by Sharon Van Etten
Just Like Blood by Sharon Van Etten

The Plain Moon by Besnard Lakes, The

Necessary Evil by Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Dani by Briana Marela

Black Mountain
CD / 2xLP

Unknown Mortal Orchestra
Dallas, TX - Trees  w/ Lower Dens

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