JAG001   The Curious Digit Bombay Aloo  CD  07/01/96
JAG002   Drunk A Derby Spiritual  CD  10/01/96
JAG003   Sarah White All My Skies Are Blue  CD  03/01/97
JAG004   Fuck "Fuck Motel" / "Tether"  7"  05/01/97
JAG005   Stigma Rock Unit Treasure Path to Soul-Winning  CD  07/01/97
JAG006   The Curious Digit Hessian Hills  CD  10/01/96
JAG007   Drunk To Corner Wounds  CD / LP  05/01/98
JAG008   South South  CD  05/01/98
JAG009   The Union Of A Man And A Woman The Sound of The Union Of A Man And A Woman  CD  11/01/98
JAG010   Drunk Raised Toward  CD  03/15/99
JAG011   Monroe Mustang The Elephant Sound  CD  04/19/99
JAG012   Manishevitz Grammer Bell and the All Fall Down  CD  04/19/99
JAG013   Parker Paul Lemon-Lime Room  CD  01/24/00
JAG014   Oneida / Songs: Ohia "Fat Bobby's Black Thumb" / "Journey On"  7"  11/15/99
JAG015   Drunk Phineas Gage  CD  03/01/99
JAG016   Drunk Tableside Manners  CD  01/17/00
JAG017   Patrick Phelan Songs of Patrick Phelan  CD  04/17/00
JAG018   Sarah White Bluebird  CD  04/17/00
JAG019   Richard Youngs Sapphie  CD / LP  07/24/00
JAG020   Manishevitz Rollover  CD / LP  11/13/00
JAG021   Bevel Turn The Furnace On  CD  09/11/00
JAG022   Spokane Leisure & Other Songs  CD  10/02/00
JAG023   Drunk "The Round Couple" / "St. Theresa"  7"  10/23/00
JAG024   Monroe Mustang De Avonden 091099  CD  09/11/00
JAG025   Oneida Steel Rod EP  CD  08/14/00
JAG026   Richard Youngs Making Paper  CD  02/12/01
JAG027   Oneida Come On Everybody Let's Rock  CD  11/13/00
JAG028   Parker Paul Wingfoot  CD  10/08/01
JAG029   Oneida Enemy Hogs  CD  04/02/01
JAG030   Patrick Phelan Parlor  CD  06/18/01
JAG031   Oneida / Brother JT Brother JT split  7"  02/12/02
JAG032   Patrick Phelan Cost  CD / LP  12/06/05
JAG033   Jad Fair & Daniel Johnston It's Spooky  CD  06/18/01
JAG034   Jad Fair & Daniel Johnston The Lucky Sperms: Somewhat Humurous  CD  10/29/01
JAG035   Spokane The Proud Graduates  CD  09/17/01
JAG036   Bevel Where Leaves Block the Sun  CD  01/22/02
JAG037   Nad Navillus Show Your Face  CD  11/19/01
JAG038   Oneida Anthem of the Moon  CD  09/17/01
JAG039   Okkervil River Don't Fall In Love With Everyone You See  CD / LP  01/22/02
JAG040   Julie Doiron Desormais  CD  10/08/01
JAG041   Simon Joyner Room Temperature  2XLP  12/06/05
JAG042   Julie Doiron Heart and Crime  CD / LP  04/02/02
JAG043   Richard Youngs May  CD  03/05/02
JAG044   Spokane Able Bodies  CD  05/07/02
JAG045   Nagisa Ni Te On the Love Beach  CD  11/05/02
JAG046   Nagisa Ni Te Feel  CD  04/02/02
JAG047   Love Life Here is Night, Brothers, Here the Birds Burn  CD / LP  07/16/02
JAG048   Oneida Each One Teach One  2XCD  10/01/02
JAG049   Manishevitz Private Lines EP  CDEP  08/20/02
JAG050   Manishevitz City Life  CD  10/07/03
JAG051   Nad Navillus Iron Night  CD  11/05/02
JAG052   Aspera Sugar and Feathered  CD / LP  09/03/02
JAG053   Aspera Oh Fantastica  CD / LP  06/03/03
JAG054   Okkervil River Down the River of Golden Dreams  CD / LP  09/02/03
JAG055   Julie Doiron Broken Girl  CD  04/22/03
JAG056   Julie Doiron Will You Still Love Me?  CDEP  10/01/02
JAG057   Julie Doiron and the Wooden Stars Julie Doiron and the Wooden Stars  CD  10/01/02
JAG058   Spokane Measurement  CD  11/04/03
JAG059   Richard Youngs Airs of the Ear  CD  03/18/03
JAG060   Oneida Secret Wars  CD / LP  01/20/04
JAG061   Julie Doiron Loneliest In The Morning  CD  07/22/08
JAG062   Richard Youngs Advent  CD / LP  10/19/04
JAG063   Bevel Down the Puppet Strings, Marionettes  CD  01/20/04
JAG064   Simon Joyner Lost With The Lights On  CD / LP  03/16/04
JAG065   Oneida The Wedding  CD / LP  05/03/05
JAG066   Julie Doiron Goodnight Nobody  CD / LP  09/07/04
JAG067   Pink Mountaintops self-titled  CD / LP  07/20/04
JAG068   Richard Youngs River Through Howling Sky  CD  03/16/04
JAG069   Nagisa Ni Te The Same As A Flower  CD  08/17/04
JAG070   Black Mountain self-titled  CD / LP  01/18/05
JAG071   Richard Youngs The Naive Shaman  CD / LP  09/06/05
JAG072   Black Mountain Druganaut  CDEP / 12"  06/07/05
JAG073   Minus Story The Captain is Dead, Let the Drum Corpse Dance  CD  04/06/04
JAG074   Okkervil River Sleep and Wake-Up Songs  CDEP  11/02/04
JAG075   Minus Story Heaven and Hell  CDEP  03/01/05
JAG076   Simon Joyner Beautiful Losers: Singles and Compilation Tracks 1994-1999  CD / 2XLP  03/07/06
JAG077   Parts & Labor Stay Afraid  CD / LP  04/11/06
JAG078   Monroe Mustang Monroe Mustang, The Imaginary Band, Regretfully Declines  (DIGITAL)  04/08/08
JAG079   Nagisa Ni Te Dream Sounds  CD  03/01/05
JAG080   Okkervil River Black Sheep Boy  CD / LP  04/05/05
JAG081   Okkervil River For Real  CDEP  03/01/05
JAG082   The Skygreen Leopards Life and Love In Sparrow's Meadow  CD / LP  02/01/05
JAG083   Pink Mountaintops Axis of Evol  CD / LP  03/07/06
JAG084   The Skygreen Leopards Child God in the Garden of Idols  LP  01/18/05
JAG085   Minus Story No Rest For Ghosts  CD / LP  10/11/05
JAG086   Odawas The Aether Eater  CD / LP  06/07/05
JAG087   Spokane Little Hours  LP  08/07/07
JAG088   Wilderness self-titled  CD / 2XLP  07/05/05
JAG089   Okkervil River Black Sheep Boy Appendix  CDEP / 12"  11/22/05
JAG090   Black Mountain In The Future  CD / LP  01/22/08
JAG091   Julie Doiron Woke Myself Up  CD / LP  01/23/07
JAG092   The Skygreen Leopards Jehovah Surrender  CDEP  10/25/05
JAG093   Wilderness Vessel States  CD / LP  04/11/06
JAG094   Pink Mountaintops The Ones I Love / Erected  7"  12/06/05
JAG095   Minus Story Jordan Geiger Monthly Free MP3  (DIGITAL)  03/01/07
JAG096   Simon Joyner Skeleton Blues  CD / LP  11/21/06
JAG097   Ladyhawk self-titled  CD / LP  06/06/06
JAG098   Swan Lake Beast Moans  CD / LP  11/21/06
JAG099   Alex Delivery Star Destroyer  CD / LP  04/24/07
JAG100   Oneida Happy New Year  CD / LP  07/11/06
JAG101   Okkervil River The President's Dead  12"  12/05/06
JAG102   Wilderness Living Through / Part Ways  7"  08/22/06
JAG103   Parts & Labor Mapmaker  CD / LP  05/22/07
JAG104   The Skygreen Leopards Disciples of California  CD / LP  10/24/06
JAG105   Minus Story My Ion Truss  CD / LP  06/19/07
JAG106   The Besnard Lakes The Besnard Lakes Are The Dark Horse  CD / LP  02/20/07
JAG107   Ladyhawk Fight For Anarchy  12"  05/22/07
JAG108   Odawas Raven and the White Night  LP  03/06/07
JAG109   Pink Mountaintops Single Life b/w My Best Friend  7"  02/20/07
JAG110   Okkervil River The Stage Names  CD / LP  08/07/07
JAG112   Lightning Dust Lightning Dust  CD / LP  06/19/07
JAG113   Sunset Rubdown Random Spirit Lover  CD / 2XLP  10/09/07
JAG114   Minus Story Make The Dead Come  CDEP  08/07/07
JAG115   Bon Iver For Emma, Forever Ago  CD / LP  02/19/08
JAG116   The Besnard Lakes Casino Nanaimo  12"  09/11/07
JAG117   Ladyhawk Shots  CD / LP  03/04/08
JAG118   The Lord Dog Bird The Lord Dog Bird  CD / LP  08/05/08
JAG119   Black Mountain Bastards of Light  (DIGITAL) / 12"  10/09/07
JAG120   Okkervil River Black Sheep Boy (Definitive Edition)  2XCD / 2XLP  03/06/07
JAG121   Richard Youngs Autumn Response  CD / LP  11/06/07
JAG122   Will Sheff Will Sheff Covers Charles Bissell, Charles Bissell Covers Will Sheff  7"  12/09/08
JAG124   Okkervil River The Stand Ins  CD / LP  09/09/08
JAG125   Oneida Preteen Weaponry  CD / LP  08/05/08
JAG126   The Besnard Lakes The Besnard Lakes Are The Roaring Night  CD / LP  03/09/10
JAG127   Wilderness (k)no(w)here  CD / LP  11/04/08
JAG128   Swan Lake Enemy Mine  CD / LP  03/24/09
JAG129   Nagisa Ni Te Yosuga  CD / LP  09/23/08
JAG130   Black Mountain In The Future Deluxe Edition  CD  01/22/08
JAG131   Julie Doiron I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day  CD / LP  03/10/09
JAG132   Women Women  CD / LP  10/07/08
JAG133   Parts & Labor Receivers  CD / LP  10/21/08
JAG134   Bon Iver Blood Bank  CDEP / 12"  01/20/09
JAG135   Bon Iver Bon Iver  CD / LP  06/21/11
JAG136   Pink Mountaintops Outside Love  CD / LP  05/05/09
JAG137   Richard Youngs Simon Wickham-Smith & Richard Youngs - VEIL (For Greg)  CD  06/17/08
JAG138   Odawas The Blue Depths  CD / LP  02/17/09
JAG139   Lightning Dust Infinite Light  CD / LP  08/04/09
JAG140   Sunset Rubdown Dragonslayer  CD / 2XLP  06/23/09
JAG141   Monroe Mustang Plain Sweeping Themes For The Unprepared  (DIGITAL)  12/09/08
JAG142   Monroe Mustang I Am The Only Running Footman EP  (DIGITAL)  12/09/08
JAG143   The Dead C DR503 / The Sun Stabbed EP  2XLP  11/04/08
JAG144   The Dead C Eusa Kills / Helen Said This  2XLP  11/04/08
JAG145   Oneida Rated O  3xCD / 3XLP  07/07/09
JAG146   Moonface Dreamland EP: marimba and shit-drums  12"  01/26/10
JAG147   The Skygreen Leopards Gorgeous Johnny  CD / LP  07/21/09
JAG148   Okkervil River Pop Lie  CDEP  04/21/09
JAG149   Dinosaur Jr. I Don't Wanna Go There b/w Tarpit 7-inch (Tour-Only)  7"  00/00/00
JAG150   Dinosaur Jr. Farm  CD / 2XLP  06/23/09
JAG151   Dinosaur Jr. Farm Deluxe Edition  2XCD  06/23/09
JAG152   Women Public Strain  CD / LP  09/28/10
JAG153   Supreme Dicks The Unexamined Life  CD  10/18/11
JAG154   Supreme Dicks The Emotional Plague  CD  10/18/11
JAG155   Supreme Dicks Breathing And Not Breathing  4xCD  10/18/11
JAG156   Volcano Choir Unmap  CD / LP  09/22/09
JAG157   Richard Youngs Under Stellar Stream  CD / LP  10/20/09
JAG158   Wolf People Tidings  LP  02/23/10
JAG159   Wolf People Steeple  CD / LP  10/12/10
JAG160   Peter Wolf Crier Inter-Be  CD / LP  05/25/10
JAG161   Various Artists Music from Drinking Buddies, a film by Joe Swanberg  (DIGITAL)  03/18/14
JAG162   Dinosaur Jr "Pieces" b/w "Houses"  7"  12/08/09
JAG163   Parts & Labor Constant Future  CD / LP  03/08/11
JAG165   GAYNGS Relayted  CD / 2XLP  05/11/10
JAG166   The Besnard Lakes Albatross  12"  02/09/10
JAG167   Rick Alverson The Builder  DVD  07/27/10
JAG168   Moonface Organ Music Not Vibraphone Like I'd Hoped  CD / LP  08/02/11
JAG170   Bon Iver/ Peter Gabriel "Come Talk To Me" b/w "Flume"  7"  04/17/10
JAG171   The Dead C Clyma Est Mort  2XLP  12/14/10
JAG172   The Dead C The Dead See Perform M. Harris  LP  12/14/10
JAG173   Small Black Small Black EP  CD  04/27/10
JAG174   Small Black New Chain  CD / LP  10/26/10
JAG175   Black Mountain Wilderness Heart  CD / LP  09/14/10
JAG176   The Cave Singers No Witch  CD / LP  02/22/11
JAG177   Richard Youngs Beyond the Valley of Ultrahits  LP  07/20/10
JAG179   Small Black Photojournalist b/w Sun Was High (So Was I)  7"  12/07/10
JAG180   Lia Ices Grown Unknown  CD / LP  01/25/11
JAG181   S. Carey All We Grow  CD / LP  08/24/10
JAG183   Will Sheff I Am Very Far: The Lyrics  Book  04/26/11
JAG184   Okkervil River Mermaid  12"  02/08/11
JAG185   Okkervil River I Am Very Far  CD / 2XLP  05/10/11
JAG186   Okkervil River Wake and Be Fine b/w Weave Room Blues 7"  7"  03/29/11
JAG187   Okkervil River Rider b/w I Guess We Lost 7"  7"  06/07/11
JAG189   Wolf People Silbury Sands b/w Dry  7"  03/08/11
JAG190   Oneida Absolute II  CD / LP  06/07/11
JAG191   S. Carey Hoyas  CDEP / 12"  05/08/12
JAG193   Bon Iver Calgary b/w I Can't Make You Love Me/Nick of Time  12"  07/05/11
JAG194   Peter Wolf Crier Garden of Arms  CD / LP  09/06/11
JAG195   Black Mountain Rollercoaster b/w In The Drones  7"  04/26/11
JAG196lp   Dinosaur Jr Dinosaur  LP  10/04/11
JAG197lp   Dinosaur Jr You're Living All Over Me  LP  10/04/11
JAG198lp   Dinosaur Jr Bug  LP  10/04/11
JAG199   Richard Youngs Amplifying Host  LP  07/19/11
JAG200   V/A Music From The Comedy, A Film By Rick Alverson  LP  11/13/12
JAG201   Sharon Van Etten Tramp  CD / LP  02/07/12
JAG205   Lia Ices Ices  CD / LP  09/16/14
JAG207   The Besnard Lakes Until In Excess, Imperceptible UFO  CD / LP  04/02/12
JAG208   Small Black Limits Of Desire  CD / LP  05/14/13
JAG209   Okkervil River Your Past Life as a Blast b/w Gold Faces  7"  08/02/11
JAG210   Moonface With Siinai: Heartbreaking Bravery  CD / LP  04/17/12
JAG211   Bon Iver Holocene b/w Come Talk to Me  12"  09/06/11
JAG212lp   Bon Iver Towers b/w Bruised Orange (Chain of Sorrow) 12"  12"  03/06/12
JAG214   Supreme Dicks This Is Not a Dick & Rarities  CD  10/18/11
JAG216lp   The Besnard Lakes You Lived in the City  12"  09/22/11
JAG217   Sharon Van Etten Serpents b/w Mike McDermott  (DIGITAL)  11/29/11
JAG218lp   Lia Ices Wish You Were Here b/w Late Night  7"  04/03/12
JAG219lp   Sharon Van Etten Leonard b/w Life of His Own 7"  7"  03/06/12
JAG220   Black Mountain Year Zero Soundtrack  LP  04/03/12
JAG222   Moonface Julia With Blue Jeans On  CD / LP  10/29/13
JAG223   the Cave Singers Naomi  CD / LP  03/05/13
JAG224   Bon Iver iTunes Session  (DIGITAL)  06/19/12
JAG225   Bon Iver Beth/Rest b/w Beth/Rest (Rare Book Room)  12"  10/16/12
JAG226   Foxygen Take The Kids Off Broadway  LP  07/24/12
JAG227   Foxygen We Are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace & Magic  CD / LP  01/22/13
JAG228   Dinosaur Jr. I Bet On Sky  CD / LP  09/18/12
JAG230   Wolf People Fain  CD / NA  04/30/13
JAG231lp   Unknown Mortal Orchestra Swim and Sleep (Like a Shark) b/w Waves of Confidence  7"  11/13/12
JAG232   Unknown Mortal Orchestra II  CD / LP  02/05/13
JAG234   Sharon Van Etten Tramp (Deluxe Edition)  CD  11/13/12
JAG235   Oneida A List Of The Burning Mountains  LP  11/13/12
JAG238   Volcano Choir Repave  CD / LP  09/03/13
JAG239   Lightning Dust Fantasy  CD / LP  06/25/13
JAG240   S. Carey Range of Light  CD / LP  04/01/14
JAG241   Foxygen No Destruction b/w Where's The Money?  7"  05/28/13
JAG242   DIANA Perpetual Surrender  CD / NA  08/20/13
JAG244   Angel Olsen Burn Your Fire For No Witness  CD / LP  02/18/14
JAG246   Unknown Mortal Orchestra Blue Record  12"  10/29/13
JAG248   Wolf People When The Fire Is Dead in the Grate  12"  12/03/13
JAG249   Small Black Real People EP  12"  04/01/14
JAG250   Pink Mountaintops Get Back  CD / LP  04/29/14
JAG252   Foxygen ...And Star Power  2XCD / 2XLP  10/14/14
JAG253   Sinoia Caves Beyond The Black Rainbow - Original Soundtrack  LP  09/02/14
JAG255   Sharon Van Etten Are We There  CD / LP  05/27/14
JAG257   Moonface City Wrecker  LP  09/16/14
JAG260   Viet Cong Viet Cong  CD  01/20/15
JAG262   Unknown Mortal Orchestra Multi-Love  CD  05/26/15
JAG264   S. Carey Supermoon  12"EP  02/17/15
JAG266   Sharon Van Etten I Don't Want to Let You Down EP  CDEP / 12"EP  06/09/15
JAG268   Briana Marela All Around Us  CD / LP  08/21/15
JAG269   Small Black Best Blues  CD / NA  10/16/15
JAG270   Black Mountain Black Mountain (10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)  2XCD / 2XLP  06/23/15
JAG275   The Besnard Lakes The Golden Lion 12"  12"  11/13/15
JAG276   The Besnard Lakes A Coliseum Complex Museum  CD / LP  01/22/16
JAG277   Black Mountain IV  CD / 2xLP  04/01/16
JAG280   Okkervil River Black Sheep Boy (10th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)  3xCD / 3xLP  12/04/15
JAG901   Robert Creeley s/t  CD  00/00/00
JAGBR001   Oneida/Plastic Crimewave Sound split  12"  09/06/05
JAGBR002   Company Parallel Time  CD  10/11/05
JAGBR003   Dirty Faces Superamerican  CD  10/25/05
JAGBR004   Oakley Hall Gypsum Strings  CD / LP  06/06/06
JAGBR006   Home Sexteen  CD  05/09/06
JAGBR008   Nurse & Soldier Marginalia  CD  01/23/07
JAGBR009   Dirty Faces Get Right With God  CD  11/21/06
JAGBR010cd   Sinoia Caves The Enchanter Persuaded  CD  12/05/06
JAGBR011   Pterodactyl Pterodactyl  CD / LP  04/24/07
JAGBR012   Company Old Baby  CD  02/19/08
JAGBR013   Pterodactyl Worldwild  CD / LP  04/21/09
JAGBR014   Home The Home Boxset: I-VIII  (DIGITAL)  10/27/09
JAGBR015   Home Seventeen  LP  01/26/10
JAGBR016   People Of The North Deep Tissue  LP  04/27/10
JAGBR017   Sightings City of Straw  CD / LP  04/13/10
JAGBR018   Shinji Masuko Woven Music  LP  04/26/11
JAGBR019   Pterodactyl Spills Out  CD / LP  11/15/11
JAGBR020   People of the North Steep Formations  2XLP  02/21/12
JAGBR021   V/A Koozies, Woodies, and Beers: A Brah/Ocropolis Benefit Compilation for Japan Relief  (DIGITAL)  04/24/12

The Motorway by The Besnard Lakes
Golden Lion by The Besnard Lakes
Boys Life by Small Black
No One Wants It To Happen To You by Small Black
Back At Belle's by Small Black
Words by Sharon Van Etten
Druganaut by Black Mountain
Black Mountain (Demo) by Black Mountain
Surrender by Briana Marela
I Don't Want to Let You Down by Sharon Van Etten
Just Like Blood by Sharon Van Etten

The Plain Moon by Besnard Lakes, The

Necessary Evil by Unknown Mortal Orchestra

Dani by Briana Marela

Black Mountain
CD / 2xLP

Unknown Mortal Orchestra
San Antonio, TX - Paper Tiger  w/ Lower Dens

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