On third album Spills Out, Brooklyn noise-punk mischief-makers Pterodactyl have mutated from their abrasive loft-show roots into a glorious, broken-pop juggernaut. The band's squealing, sweat-soaked art-bustle had rapidly put them alongside contemporaries like Oneida, These Are Powers and Parts & Labor; but Spills Out gently leads the trio towards the uplifting, wistful harmonies of '60s rockers like The Zombies, CSNY and the pre-acid Beatles. Pterodactyl's onomatopoetic barks have been replaced by a luxurious three-part croon; their adenoidal squawk has been expanded to include Spectorian levels of reassuring fuzz. Their most ambitious statement to date, Spills Out is triumphant, melancholic, unapologetically pop. Alongside the band's own experiments with Wurlitzers, megaphones, and ukeleles, Spills Out features many guests. "It was important for us to look to our friends for collaboration on this record," says drummer/vocalist Matt Marlin, citing appearances by Dan Friel (Parts and Labor), Zach Lehrhoff (Ex Models), organist Mike Gallope (Janka Nabay and the Bubu Gang), violist Amy Cimini (Architeuthis Walks On Land), and producer and electronic wunderkind Frank Musarra (Hearts of Darknesses). The record bulges with the scorched hum of the Kawasaki Dual Cool Keys, a discontinued toy keyboard from the early '00s that the band loves for its bizarre soundbank and unique ability to fold in half for duet play. With help from producer Jonny "Two-Eyes" Schenke (Mittens on Strings), the band laid the basic tracks in Hodges' Bushwick loft space, The Wallet. From there, Pterodactyl moved the files to their Williamsburg practice space for a winter of exhaustive, self-conducted overdub sessions that helped to create the album's monolithic sound clouds: Kremer spent six hours recording the dueling guitar lines for "Searchers," Hodges stacked six overlapping vocals for the massive one-man chorale in "Thorn." For the cover art the band re-tapped the designer for their 2010 vinyl-only EP, Arnold's Park: a brilliant young artist called Otecki, from the small city of Wroclaw, Poland. Lyrically, Spills Out is a bittersweet look at endings and conclusions. In the two years since the psych-inspired Worldwild, members of Pterodactyl went through various life changes, from romantic break-ups to the terrible loss of a close friend. Kremer took a hiatus from his job as a high school physics teacher after seven years, and "The Break" details the complex emotions of life-after-work. "The most striking thing about not working," says Kremer, "was that I didn't have the job to cover up the things I was feeling day to day. It's easy not to face yourself at all if you're pouring yourself into other things, even if it's a job you care about, or music, or someone you love." Once the treble-saturated brats of the Brooklyn underground, Pterodactyl is digging deeper than ever, towards a place where sunny songs have uneasy cores, where shimmering harmonies can explore recession-era anxiety, and heartening squelch juxtaposes sadness and loss. "We really wanted to embrace some darker moods," says Hodges. "Some of the songs that sound happy are expressing fucked-up things. I think all of us opened up a lot."

Parts & Labor Release New Mp3, Announce New Tour Dates. Constant Future Now Available for Pre-Order


We are proud to offer “Rest” a new mp3 from Parts & Labor’s forthcoming release Constant Future. The song perfectly encapsulates the band’s ability to take elements of noise and turn them into a truly infectious pop song. Starting today, you can pre-order the record from InSound and receive an instant mp3 download of the new album. You can also stream a new track from the album each week at On March 8, P&L will celebrate the release of the new album with a show at Monster Island Basement in their hometown of Brooklyn, NY (Check out the band’s awesome video flyer HERE). From there they will be touring to this year’s South by Southwest Music Festival, with fellow Brooklynites Pterodactyl. Pterodactyl’s guitarist Joe Kremer, will join Parts & Labor on all dates, and P&L’s Dan Friel will sit in on Pterodactyl’s sets playing electronics and keyboards. Check out full tour dates including new dates here in the U.S. and in Europe after the jump.

NEW MP3: Parts & Labor “Rest”

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Listen to New Parts & Labor


Parts & Labor’s Constant Future will be in stores March 8 (March 7 in the U.K.) but you can get your first taste of the future today. We’re proud to present the first Mp3, the title track from Constant Future. The song begins with a signature Parts & Labor synth melody before being pummeled with a percussive drone ticking along like clockwork, literally moving us into the future. Parts & Labor’s Dan Friel sings of our collective thirst for the “next” and the “newest.”

New Mp3: Parts & Labor “Constant Future”

“Constant Future” is just the first song of many to come as Parts & Labor will be streaming a new track from the album each week on their website between now and the March 8 release date. Check out the newly revamped website, designed by Parts & Labor’s BJ Warshaw (who is also responsible for the album’s brilliant cover art) right HERE.

In other Parts & Labor news, the band will be traveling down to Austin, TX for the South By Southwest Music Festival in March. On their way down to the festival they’ll be joined on tour w/ fellow Brooklynites and Brah recording artists Pterodactyl. Parts & Labor will also be touring Europe in May. Check out all the dates after the jump.

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