BEVEL’s Phoenician Terrane to be released on Contraphonic Records October 9

Bevel has a new full-length album coming out next Tuesday, October 9. Phoenician Terrane is Bevel’s first release since 2004’s Down the Puppet Strings, Marrionettes and its first release for Contraphonic Records. It is a record of densely orchestrated American wonder. This is the Great American Songbook as discovered by the descendants of Harry Partch and Charles Ives upon a rock in the sand. As a whole, Phoenician Terrane evolves over a cinematic arc, leading the listener across pages of a sonic story, a historical journey parlayed through a personal lens. Languidly plucked guitar lines pave trails amongst violin and flute embellishments, transient Gypsy-laden tones swash about warm synthesizers, with everything cast in a soft, psychedelic haze. Further buttressed by Nuon’s haunted vocal delivery, the songs create a tapestry of tales related in the realm of the surreal. Assembled with a cast of contributors featuring members of Califone, Boxhead Ensemble, and Manishevitz, among others, Phoenician Terrane is BEVEL’s finest work to date. It is a tome of delicate artistry and intricate instrumentation, a piece of work that transcends mere medium, and into lasting effect.

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